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Personal Resources are products and services you can use that will have a Positive Financial Impact. Most impacts are realized immediately, or almost immediately. It is important to understand that long-term, long-lasting financial changes are a series of small “wins” that combine for HUGE gains! One example of a financial change that takes time is increasing credit scores. It may take months for your credit scores to go up; however, to raise your credit scores, you will have positive impacts (small wins) all along the way!


bookcoverIn about 100 pages, Jennifer’s book, 12 Ways to Put Money in Your Pocket Every Month Without A Part Time Job, The Skinny Book That Makes Your Wallet Fatshows readers how to put an average of $300 – $500 back into their pocket every month by walking them through simple steps that reduce common, every day expenses.

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Free Budget and Spending Plan Template

Do you have a spending plan that you and your family use each and every month? Click here for a free spending plan template. This template is a great supplement to your copy of my book, 12 Ways to Put Money in Your Pocket Every Month Without A Part Time Job. A spending plan is a plan for how your spending your money. The more you continue to plan, the more money you will have!

Click here for your free Budget and Spending Plan Template

Understanding Credit Scores and How to Increase Them

Download this presentation that I gave to a national audience for the US Small Business Administration Office of Entrepreneurship Education. Get a copy of the PowerPoint slides and a copy of the Federal Trade Commission’s 16-page guide entitled Building A Better Credit Report.
Credit Score Presentation PowerPoint Slides

16-page guide: Building A Better Credit Report

Free copies of your credit reports at

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