Media interviews:

mediapicsJennifer Matthews is an inspirational speaker and award winning author. Over the years, thousands of people have credited her with showing them ways to make measurable improvements to their day-to-day finances, including no longer living pay check to pay check.

When guiding people to immediately have a positive impact on their finances, Jennifer adapts her style to maximize the benefits to the attendees. In some settings Jennifer may coach; in others she may teach; and there are times when she mentors. These flexible styles allow attendees to get the most out of each session so they can take immediate actions that provide tangible financial impact.

Jennifer has more than 10 years experience and has helped thousands of people successfully develop and then stick with spending plans, increase and understand credit scores, and achieve financial goals. In 2016, Jennifer added Positive Financial Impact (PFI) NOW to her offerings. PFI Now has systems and mechanisms in place to allow Jennifer to help more people realize immediate positive impacts in their finances, and then leverage their immediate successes into long-term, life-changing abundant results that lead to more happiness and a greater sense of security. PFI Now focuses on several areas including:

bulletHaving money left over at the end of every paycheck/income cycle
bulletPaying off all bills and getting out of debt
bulletIncreasing credit scores with the goal of being over 740
bulletHaving ample savings (both short term and retirement)
bulletLiving the lifestyle we each personally desire and choose

Jennifer is the author of the award-winning book, 12 Ways To Put Money In Your Pocket Every Month Without A Part-time Job: The Skinny Book That Makes Your Wallet Fat. The book was selected by the Institute for Financial Literacy as their 2012 Adult’s Book of the Year, General, and was also nominated for a 2013 NAACP Image Award. Click here to buy the book. In just about 100 short pages, Jennifer’s book shows readers how to create an average of $300 – $500 every month from within their current income. Would an extra $300 – $500 every month positively impact your finances? Would you have less financial stress? Jennifer’s newest book, 5 SIMPLE Steps to a Debt Free Life, helps readers get out of debt faster and build savings at the same time.

Jennifer was a Delegate at the Global Summit on Financial Literacy and one of only 100 people invited to participate in the White House Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives Compass in Action Roundtable on Financial Literacy. Jennifer has appeared on numerous television and radio shows. Jennifer lives by the personal core values of: God, Joy, Excellence. The core values of her business are: Simplicity, Sincerity, and Excellence.