Corporate Resources

Proactive and progressive employers, especially those who emphasize work/life balance, realize the negative impact that financially stressed and/or distracted employees can have on daily productivity as well as the bottom line. Here are some situations faced by employees that regularly spill over into the workplace and can impact performance:

bullet Stress and lack of focus after arguing with their mate about money
bullet Worrying about paying bills or being evicted/foreclosed
bullet Spending time during the work day negotiating with bill collectors
bullet Searching the internet for resources to help with their financial problems
bullet Taking office supplies because they cannot afford to buy school supplies
bullet And countless more situations

Financially stressed employees cannot fully focus on their work, and are unable to be optimally productive. This is an ongoing operational issue for nearly every employer, and Positive Financial Impact (PFI) NOW can provide resources to help address these issues. PFI Now has a wide array of corporate services including, but not limited to:

bullet Training
bullet Workshops
bullet Curriculum
bullet Keynotes
bullet Customized services

If you are an employer or you are an employee who knows your coworkers are experiencing some of these issues and more related to money, click here to contact PFI NOW right now because we are willing and able to provide assistance that will benefit both the organization and the employees.

Great companies understand that making the right investments in employees yields returns that multiply morale, productivity, work/life balance, and much more!

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