ABOUT Positive Financial Impact NOW


Why does your photo belong here? Because Positive Financial Impact (PFI) NOW is all about you! At PFI Now, YOU are the star and the center of attention! PFI Now is all about your happiness, your security, and the abundant results you experience, which include your bank accounts (always plural!) growing as your finances continue to grow.

PFI NOW is a community – a movement of hundreds of thousands of visionaries committed to doing the work to transform and impact our finances in any or all of these areas:

bullet Having money left over at the end of every paycheck/income cycle
bullet Paying off all bills and getting out of debt
bullet Increasing credit scores with the goal of being over 740
bullet Having ample savings (both short term and retirement)
bullet Actually living the we’ve each dreamed about

PFI Now’s goal is to guide you in maximizing the financial and personal impacts of the actions you take based upon the information and resources available to you through PFI Now. Better choices create better lifestyles. At PFI Now, we guide smart people like you to become even smarter about their money! As a result of you taking action and doing the work, you will have more:

Happiness – It’s a fact that people who have less financial stress are happier and healthier. Stress has a very negative impact on the body and can cause major health issues. The happiness that comes from the abundant results achieved by following PFI Now’s guidance, may have additional positive impact on your physical and emotional (less stress) health!

Security – It’s a fact that people want to feel secure when it comes to their finances and to the things they will need in their future including taking care of family, retirement, and more.

Abundant ResultsPFI Now guides you on ways to get quick, ongoing, tangible “wins” that appear in your bank account. Each one moves you closer to more feelings of happiness and security. With these results, any feelings of stress, shame, and/or embarrassment, about your finances and/or past decision making will start diminishing with the positive financial impacts you will start seeing on an ongoing basis!